Best Free DVD Burning Software for Mac

Recording videos, including movies, home movies, recorded meetings, etc., On DVD with DVD burning software, is still a good way to store video. Compared to a USB drive and cloud storage, in some cases, recording videos to recordable DVDs may be more convenient for sharing with others and more affordable. Especially to record a DVD video, it can have a DVD menu structure and can be played on a DVD player.

There are many free DVD burning programs for Mac, but choosing one can be difficult. So, we have compiled some of the best and presented simple steps for recording.

PS Let me remind you that if you record a film under copyright protection on DVD, it is illegal to distribute it.

When mentioning the free DVD burning software for Mac, some people will first think about Finder or iTunes. Finder and iTunes can actually burn DVDs, but they can only burn DVDs with data. DVD data and DVD videos are different.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

A read-only DVD on computers. It cannot be opened by DVD players. When creating a rewritable DVD, this is very similar to a USB stick. You can drag almost all the files in it. Image, songs, video, ISO image, text file, etc. You can burn to a data DVD.

A DVD video has a DVD video file structure: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. It can be played on the DVD software player on the Mac, as well as on the DVD (hardware) player for television.

DVD video file structure

In the following, we are going to present the best free DVD Video Recorders for Mac and a brief introduction to operations. If you want to burn a data DVD, you can view Apple’s official support here: Burn CDs and DVDs on Mac, Using the built-in burner is one of the best ways to burn data DVDs on Mac.

Top 2 Free DVD Recorders for Mac – Burn Video to DVD

1. Burn

It seems, as the name suggests, Burn works like a reliable Mac-free DVD burner to meet your needs. After starting the software, you will come across a concise interface that directly informs you of the separation between the four modes: “Data”, “Audio”, “Video” and “Copy”.

Step 1. Start recording after inserting a blank DVD into your Mac, then select DVD-Video modes. If the disc is not empty and you have not erased it, then it is impossible to press the “Burn” button.

Use Burn to Burn DVD Video

Step 2. Here you will need to drag the video to Burn. Record only support video in MPG format. No matter what video format you import, Burn converts it to MPG.

Convert Video to MP

Step 3. Click “Burn” to start burning DVD video.

Start burning DVD video


1. Has a clear and simple interface.


1. There is no choice to select DVD menu templates.

2. The performance is not so stable.


2. DVDStyler

Among the free DVD burning software, DVDStyler is perhaps the most powerful tool for creating DVD templates. In addition to the built-in templates, DVDStyler allows you to add your own pictures to your Mac as a DVD menu background. Despite the fact that it is powerful in DVD templates and parameters, such as setting video / audio formats, video bitrate, it has a lack of interface. The interface of this product resembles software 10 years ago. In addition, it does not optimize for many computer screen resolutions. On my MacBook Pro, the DVDStyler interface is blurry.

Step 1. Drag a video or series of videos to DVDStyler. Then select a background image for the DVD menu. You can click File Browser to select an image on your Mac.

Drag video to DVDStyler

Step 2. Press “Buttons” to set the interactive buttons of the DVD menu. After that, click on the donut-shaped icon to burn.

Create DVD Menu and Burn

Step 3. Wait a while to successfully create the DVD.

DVDStyler Create DVD

Tips: Like the Burn product, you will first need to erase this built-in Mac function if it is not a blank DVD.

Erase rewritable DVD


1. It has a good DVD menu setting function.

2. He has helped in the discussion on his official websites. It will be easy to get help from other users.


1. Outdated interface.

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Aside from finding the free DVD recorder you admire, you shouldn’t miss out on this professional Mac. That is, VideoSolo DVD Creator, This reliable Mac DVD recorder can not only help users create DVDs on their own, but also edit the video before saving it to DVD. VideoSolo DVD Creator, with its simple and clean design, is easy to use by everyone.

This can add so many kinds of videos. Supported video formats are listed on VideoSolo DVD Creator Specifications. Another advantage is that you don’t even have to erase the DVD disc before burning. If the recorder detects that your disc is not empty, it will remind you, and you can continue recording.

Star Features of VideoSolo DVD Creator

* Has the ability to edit video, add subtitles and add an external audio track to the video.

* Offer real-time previews for easy editing of DVD videos.

*Offer beautiful templates; also allow users to DIY DVD menus in their preferences.

* Stable DVD burn performance.

A simple tutorial is clearly shown in the Getting Started section of the main interface. For a more detailed lesson, you can read How to Burn DVD to MacBook Pro / Air with VideoSolo DVD Creator. With this product, it is very easy to burn a playable video DVD.


VideoSolo DVD Creator Getting Started

Tips 1. When a window appears to select, you will need to click “Internal Spotlight” to create a DVD video. “Using a system tool” is to create DVD data.

Choose Inner Burner

Tips 2. With VideoSolo DVD Creator, you don’t need to erase the DVD with the Mac tool before burning. It will detect it automatically and may erase the disk in the program.

Erase DVD to DVD Creator

There are currently quite a few free DVD discs for the Mac on the market. Free DVD burners deserve to be tested with satisfactory performance. Although free DVD burning is free, a professional can be more reliable. So if you need to burn DVDs more professionally, try VideoSolo DVD Creator. Now it’s time to get a piece of the perfect DVD!

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