Degree symbol with Keyboard shortcut

The straightforward combination of ALT + X is easy to remember and will help you learn how to put a degree in Word. List of necessary actions: To get started, write the number you want or something else in a Word document. After writing, paste the code “00B2” and select it. He raises to the second degree, respectively, so that there is a third, you need to change the deuce to three. Press ALT and X on the keyboard.

Degree symbol with Keyboard

How to put a degree in Word 2003?

It is not as simple as in the next versions. In order to raise a number to a power, you need:

  • Write the required text.
  • Enter any number you want to raise to a power.
  • Select it, right-click on it.
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Font” tab.
  • After that, a window with font selections opens, where we need to select the item in “Modification”, which is called “Superscript”.
  • The number you enter will change and become a power.
  • Output

The latest version of Microsoft Word has more user capabilities. We learned how to put a degree in Word in three ways, and which ones do you know?

How to write a degree on the keyboard – computer tips

Often when writing various parameters, for example a square meter or a cubic meter, it is necessary to write a number as a power. If you need to do this once and forever forget about degrees, then you just need to copy the number recorded by the degree and paste in the right place: x² – square, x³ – cube. But if you have a constant need to write numbers in this way, then we will tell you how to write a degrees sign on the keyboard so that you can always do it yourself.

How to write root on the keyboard

A number of users who are actively working with mathematics, statistics and other exact sciences may have a need to type the root symbol √ on the keyboard. At the same time, none of the buttons on the keyboard has an image of such a symbol, and the user asks himself: how to do this? In this article I will help such users tell you how to write a root on the keyboard, explain what methods exist for this, and how to indicate a root of 3.4.5 degrees on the keyboard. We write the root on the computer.

How to put a square root sign on a keyboard

Many users in solving the question of how to write the root on the PC keyboard, use the surrogate symbol “” located on the 6 key at the top of the keyboard (activated by switching to the English layout, pressing the Shift key and the “6” button on the top). Some users also use the combination of sqrt (square root), cbrt (cubic root), and so on. At the same time, it’s even quick, but insufficient methods. For normal root sign typing, do the following:

  1. Press the Num Lock button (the corresponding indicator should light up);
  2. Press and do not press the Alt button ;
  3. Type 251 on the numeric keypad on the right and press the key;
  4. You will get a square root image √. Keys to insert a square root
  5. If you do not know how to enter a dog from the keyboard, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for entering it, since when typing E-mail you can’t do without a dog sign.

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