How to make a self-extracting WinRAR archive

Self-extracting WinRAR archive (SFX) is an archive that comes with the current module. When you click on the archive, it is extracted without using the archiver. To create an SFX archive, select the necessary files through the archiver or explorer.

Specify the save path and archive name. In order for the archive to be unpacked on its own in the General tab, select Create SFX Archive. In the “Advanced” tab, you can specify the options for extracting files, for example, in a temporary folder with subsequent deletion.

WinRAR archive

How to split a file into WinRAR parts

When working with large volumes of information, sometimes there is a need to transfer them to disks or flash memory, and possibly reduce the size. The document can be divided into convenient fragments, which will be of suitable volume, for recording. As a rule, if you need to add a large file to the archive and then transfer it to a disk or flash drive, then it is more expedient to do this by dividing it into parts using the archiver. To do this, click on the file in the explorer or program and click “Add to archive.” In the general tab, specify the action “Divide into volumes by size …”. In the drop-down menu, you can select the standard file sizes for burning to a CD or DVD, or set the value yourself so that archiving does not take much time, specify quick compression in the menu.

How to rename a file in WinRAR archive

When working with archived data, a situation may arise when you need to change the name of a document or several. For example, you need to change the names of invoices inside the compressed folder.

In order to rename the information inside the archive, you should use the program. Run the archiver, select the file you want to rename and right-click on it. In the menu that opens, select “Rename.” Enter a new name for the archived document and press Enter. When renaming, the program asks “Save changes to the archive?” To successfully change the file name, you will need to specify “OK”.

What is the maximum size of a archive

Users can archive quite large amounts of information, because often there is a need to compress not only text documents, but also video, music files or a large number of high-quality images. There is no fear that the maximum size will be exceeded during archiving, since the program allows you to pack even a very large document.

There are practically no restrictions for creating archives in rar format. You can compress files or an archive in a program up to 8 exabytes in size. You should be aware that archives larger than 4 GB can only be created in the NTFS file system. When creating a zip archive, the maximum possible size of all compressed files is 2 GB.

What formats does it support

You can archive information of various nature in the program. You can also compress disc images, photographs, sound files, text documents and much more.

The program supports zip and rar formats for creating archives. Directly when working with files, the archiver performs all the basic actions with the following formats: UUE, ISO, GZ, ARJ, 7Z, JAR, ACE, Z and some others. Each format is automatically recognized and the optimal compression method is selected for it.

How to update

If you purchased a licensed version of WinRAR archiver at SoftMagazin, please note that all licenses, both for home use and for commercial, are unlimited. Thus, you do not need to worry about timely updating of the product and renewing the license annually.

  • How to remove WinRAR from a computer
  • Find the folder with WinRar in Explorer and simply delete it
  • Use the usual actions when uninstalling a program in Windows, Start-Control Panel-Add / Remove Programs
  • Select the archiver and right-click, select remove / uninstall

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