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1. Adobe Photoshop

Out of all doubt. It is the great reference when it comes to photo retouching. And not only because of its immense possibilities : we are probably facing the most powerful image editing software that exists. But because it is the program used by the great magicians of retouching.

In addition, there are tons of information on the Web on how to achieve the most spectacular effects with Photoshop. Without a doubt: it is a winning option. More info here .


Professional image editing.

Hundreds of powerful tools.

Seas of information about its use on the Internet.


It requires a powerful computer.

For advanced users.

RAW poor processing.

Available for Windows / Mac OS

Latest Photo Editor

2. The GIMP

Surely we are facing the most powerful of the free photo editing tools . In fact, many say that in many ways it closely resembles the king in the category: Photoshop.

More info here .


Powerful photo editing software.

It supports layers and channels.

It’s free.


In English.

Low usability level.

Help stays a little poor.

Available for Windows / Mac OS

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Thought for photographers it is possibly Advantages program to carry out the workflow from start to finish.

If you are addicted to photography, it is certainly your program and you can find  more info here


Advantages software to carry out the workflow of every photographer.

Batch processing and better organization of images.

Integrated RAW processing with countless settings available.


It will take you a while to take advantage of all its possibilities, you have to learn.

It requires a powerful team.

If you are not professional it can give you the feeling that it is complicated.

Available for Windows / Mac OS

4. Paint Shop Pro Photo

Everything you need to see manage and edit your photos. It is a faithful competitor of Adobe .

You can download it here.


It allows exporting photo collections to HD movies.

Express laboratory for quick photo editing.

It supports the use of layers.


Some users complain about unexpected closures.

Available for Windows

5. Capture One

It is an image editing program in RAW. It is considered similar to Lightroom although they have differences between them.


Excellent skin treatment in terms of density and detail levels.

Batch editing, such as Lightroom.


It is not compatible with Photoshop.

Available for Windows / Mac OS

6. Photo Light Pro 

Although it is not a photo editing program, we wanted to include it in this section of advanced photography for its quality and usability. Photo Light Pro is a software designed for planning light in studio photography.

Through customizable 3D models, it  will allow us to try all the possible combinations you can imagine so that at the time of taking the photo, everything is easier. More information and  download .


Customizable models

Tool available for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere and After Effects.

For only $ 9.99


It’s only available in English.

Available for Windows / Mac OS

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