SHAREit – Sharing platform to share anything

Sharing anything between pc, Android and ios

SHAREit is a program designed to transfer bulk files between multiple devices. The program’s capabilities solved a number of problems and found its application both at home and in the arsenal of required utilities in large companies.

The ability to transfer files between different types of devices eliminated the need to use Bluetooth and the Internet. This allowed not only to speed up the process of file transfer, but also to create a safe environment for storing information. Resources for data transfer are limited by the owner of the program, that is, another person will not be able to connect to your “file library” and remove one of them. The data transfer rate reaches 20-30 MB /ps.

Sharing platform to share anything


You can download the program to any computer device by combining them with one communication source. In addition, SHAREit is a free application that anyone can access.

All the advantages of the application can be conditionally divided into functional and system. The first include:

  • the ability to transfer bulk files between all paired devices, it can be an iOS phone, an Android tablet and a PC with a Windows operating system of any version;
  • high speed of file transfer, regardless of their number (if they are small files, but in large numbers), volume and type;
  • the ability to work with files of any type, the program does not matter what files you transfer, it can be photos, games, films, documents, etc .;
  • ease of data transfer – all files are transferred with a few clicks, just transfer the document to another window or mark the necessary files and also send them to the specified folder.

The system benefits most likely relate to the requirements for the program and its technical parameters:

  • the program can be used as a database. So, you can view the transfer history, open previously used files, view documents that were lost on one of the devices;
  • SHAREit is not demanding on the PC system parameters, you can install the program on a gadget with any operating system;
  • simple interface;
  • using SHAREit it is easier to work with hidden documents – you can run and edit files on a PC that are poorly displayed or do not start correctly on the phone.

Disadvantages of working with SHAREit

I always want to describe the advantages, but it is worth noting that in SHAREit there are small disadvantages. They do not significantly affect the operation of the program, but competent users will notice these factors.

Firstly, we recommend deleting files from history, as they can affect the data transfer speed. Secondly, in the program from time to time, there may be problems with the transmission of data. They occur if the memory of your device is full to the maximum mark.

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