Ways to activate Windows 11 for free 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Windows 11 is the activation of this operating system. Many users who have installed the “top ten” or updated to it do not know how to activate Windows 11, where to find the key for it after the initial installation, and whether it is possible to activate the OS installed by using the author’s assembly.

Windows 11

Several months have passed since the release of the “dozen”, as Microsoft representatives deigned to provide a full and complete instructions on the activation process for Windows 11, taking into account many nuances and unforeseen situations. In this article, this instruction will be presented, but with translation into a language understandable to a beginner. Let’s also pay attention to how Windows 11 is activated after changing the computer hardware (replacing a component or adding RAM / disk memory).

But first of all, we will consider the innovations regarding the binding of the license key not only to the hardware shell of the computer, but also to the Microsoft account, if such is used for authorization in Windows 11, and to the edition of the operating system. So far, the question is relevant only for the 1607 edition.

On the evening of August 2, 2016, a large-scale Windows 11 update was uploaded to the network, comparable to SP1 for the “seven” and called the anniversary update. With its installation on a computer, it was foreseen that support for the possibility of activating the “dozens” by means of a key from previous editions of Windows would cease. But with a clean install of version 1607, the option is quite workable, only when using the latest official distributions downloaded from the Microsoft website.


The Process of Activating 

 Binding the license for the “10” to the equipment used caused many problems and a storm of indignation on the part of users, who significantly changed the hardware composition of the computer. But from August 2016, new rules came into force. Windows 11 activation is now additionally tied to your Microsoft account (if you have one), not just the unique ID of the hardware you are using. When an attempt to activate Windows 11 manually or in automatic mode was unsuccessful, a link will appear in the settings in the “Updates, security” subsection on the “Activation” tab, which, according to the OS developers, will solve the problem.

After clicking on the inscription, the system will start looking for the culprit of the problem, taking into account the type of account used (Microsoft or local), the licenses linked to it, the hardware ID and the number of computers using this license. The activation and account are linked automatically and attached to the main local computer account. After that, in the parameters of the system, updated to the anniversary update (version 1607), information will appear that the operating system was activated using a digital license that was attached to the Microsoft account.


Using a digital license as the main way to activate Windows 11

Representatives of the software corporation confirmed the following data: users who managed to migrate to windows 11 iso download free, Windows Insiders and users who purchased a new OS in the Store receive a licensed operating system without entering a 25-digit key. Licensing is carried out by linking the license to the device hardware. This technology is called digital entitlement or digital entitlement (official name).


In simple and understandable language for the average user, this means that after obtaining a license for Windows 11, the operating system will be activated automatically after each initial reinstallation on this computer at the first connection to the Internet. This will eliminate the need to use software or Power Shell to determine the activation key. Also, this method of assigning a license to a computer gives you the ability to quickly reinstall Windows from scratch by creating bootable media using official tools (a system image and a utility for generating bootable media). In this case, the request to enter the key can be skipped at all stages. Sometimes manually specifying the key, even if it is correct, can lead to problems, although in practice this does not actually occur. The number of codes exceeds 40 pieces, so it is not worth re-describing the solution to problems with each one, although for many situations a template would be a good solution:


What to do with the activation key?

You have learned how to activate Windows 11, and you know that the owners of the latest operating system of the Windows family, who acquired it in the event of an update, do not need an activation key (in many of them, these alphanumeric combinations are similar). Since August, the activation of the “ten” does not depend on him. This sequence of alphanumeric characters is useful in the following cases:

Purchase of a boxed solution (which is not popular with the “ten”);

OS purchase through MSDN or Volume Licensing;

Purchase of a laptop / computer with a pre-installed ten;

Obtaining a licensed “ten” in a certified online store.

As a result, we can conclude that with the development of digital technologies and methods of protecting information in particular, the key for activating software products is becoming less and less relevant. Therefore, the search for keys, which was in Windows 7, is practically over.


Obtaining a license after changing the hardware

The question of how digital resolution affects the windows 11 pro download license arises among a significant user audience, because many users do not mind replacing the motherboard or graphics card, or increasing the amount of RAM or hard drive, and in this case do not want to lose the purchased license. If you encounter problems with activating the operating system after changing the computer configuration, you should contact support. Managers will help you solve the problem with the changed equipment ID. However, if you have version 1607 or later, the hardware shell ID is automatically linked to your Microsoft account. Perhaps, at first, such an innovation will allow you to transfer the license to

another computer.

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